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  1. 省略句的定义
  2. 小品词的省略
  ( 1 )省略介词
  He spent four hours (in) going over his lessons. 他花了四个小时复习功课。
  I ' ve studied Eng1ish (for) five years. 我已学五年英语了。
  ( 2 )省略连词 that
  I believe (that) you will succeed . 我相信你们会成功的。
  It ' s a pity (that) he ' s leaving. 他要走,真遗憾。
  I ' m sure (that) she will help you. 我肯定她会帮你的。
  ( 3 )省略关系代词
  I ' ll give you all (that) I have. 我要把我所有的一切都给你。
  He read the book (which) I got yesterday. 他看过我昨天买的书了。
  3. 句子成分的省略
  ( 1 )省略主语
  Beg your pardon. (我)请你原谅。( Beg 前省略了主语 I )
  Take care! 当心!( Take 前省略了主语 you )
  Looks as if it will rain. 看起来象要下雨。( Looks 前省略了主语 it )
  ( 2 )省略谓语
  Who next? 该谁了?( Who 后面省略了谓语 comes )
  The river was deep and the ice thin. ( ice 后面省略了 was )
  We ' ll do the best we can. 我们将尽力而为。( can 后面省略了动词 do )
  ( 3 )省略表语
  Are you ready? Yes, I am. 你准备好了吗? 我准备好了。( am 后面省略了 ready )
  He was a lover of sports as he had been in his youth. 他还是象年轻时那样,是一位运动爱好者。( had been 后面省略了 a lover of sports )
  ( 4 )省略宾语
  Let ' s do the dishes. I ' ll wash and you ' ll dry. 让我们洗碗吧,我来洗,你来揩干。( wash 和 dry 后面省略了宾语 dishes )
  ( 5 )省略定语
  He spent part of the money, and the rest he saved. 那钱他花了部分,其余的他都存了起来。( the rest 后面省略了定语 of the money )
  ( 6 )省略状语
  He was not hurt. Strange! 他没有受伤,真奇怪!( Strange 前面省略了状语 how )
  1. 省略句可同时省掉句子几个成份
  What exciting news! (= What exciting news it is!) 多么令人激动的消息啊!
  Pity he ' s failed. (= It is a pity that he ' s failed.) 很遗憾,他失败了。
  I like him more than her. (= I like him more than I like her.) 我喜欢他更甚于喜欢她。
  2. 英语中有一些固定的省略结构:
  a) 在以 if, when, though, as if (好像)等连词引导的从句中,如从句中的主要动词是 be ,常将主语和动词 be 省略。
  If necessary, we shall send a telegram home. 如有必要,我们就往家里打电报。
  Whenever possible, he will come to my help. 他一有可能就来帮助我。
  While cycling, don ' t forget the traffic lights. 骑车时,不要忘记看红绿灯。
  b) 由固定词组引导的疑问句:
  What about having a game of chess? 下盘棋怎么样?
  How come they left you alone here? 他们怎么会把你一人留在这里呢?
  What if it ' s raining? 如果天下雨怎么办?
  Why not try again? 为什么不再试试呢?
  c) 在口语中,为了避免重复,不定式可以省去和句子前部重复的动词原形而只留下不定式符号 to 。
  He may leave if he wishes to. 他可以走,如果他愿意的话。
  Don ' t go till I tell you to. 等我叫你走你再走。
  3. 被省略的部分一般可以在句子中补上,但有时省略结构已经定型,如果把省略部分补上,反而不合乎习惯。
  He is taller than I am. 他比我高。( am 之后省略 tall ,补上不合习惯)
  No parking. 禁止停车。(告示用语 = No parking is allowed here. )
  Not at all. 不用谢。
  No matter. 不要紧。
  Thanks. 谢谢。
  I. 改写句子 使用省略手段避免下面各句重复与冗赘 :
  1. Someone has used my mobile phone, but I don ' t know who has used it.
  2. John worked hard but his brother did not work hard.
  3. I have lazy students and hardworking students in my class.
  4. --- Has he ever been abroad?
  --- No, he has never been abroad.
  5. If it is necessary, we will finish it ahead of time.
  6. You must not be late and you must not be absent.
  7. Give me your name and address, ase.
  8. It is well done.
  9. Mother can take a rest, Mother should take a rest but Mother won ' t take a rest after long hours of work.
  10.He could answer the questions very well if he would answer the questions but he didn ' t answer the questions.
  II. 单项选择 从 A 、 B 、 C 、 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案:
  1. --- I won ' t do it any more. --- ________?
  A. Why don ' t B. Why don ' t do it any more
  C. Why not D. Why not to
  2. Although ________ to stop, he kept on working.
  A. tell B. telling C. having told D. told
  3. --- Will you waste your time and money on that? --- Certainly ________.
  A. I not B. don ' t C. not D. no
  4. --- Mary didn ' t attend the lecture, did she? --- Yes, she ________.
  A. attended B. didn ' t attend C. didn ' t D. did
  5. --- What ' s Joan doing?
  --- _________ newspapers in the room.
  A. She reading B. She reads
  C. To read D. Reading
  6. _________ always succeed.
  A. Honest and clever students B. Students who honest and clever
  C. Honest students and clever D. Students are honest and clever
  7. --- Can you climb that tree, my boy? --- __________ ?
  A. I B. Myself C. Mine D. Me
  8. Some peo are against the plan but _______ support it.
  A. any more B. many more C. much more D. no more
  9. --- I ' ll be away on a business trip. Would you mind looking after my cat?
  --- Not at all. _________.
  A. I ' ve no time B. I ' d rather not C. I ' d like to D. I ' d be happy to
  10. --- Why not go and have dinner in a restaurant? --- _________. It ' s too expensive.
  A. Why not B. I agree C. I'm afraid not D. I'm sure

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