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1. Reasons for the lack of self-confidence in children

(1) family education thought and education behavior are a major factor in children's lack of self-confidence

1. Too many caring and over-protective families

When young children to explore with a desire for knowledge around the world, adult children like to do our best to take care of and arranged instead of protection, in fact, a kind of restriction, deprived children's training and development opportunities, killing the infant's ability to prove myself and develop towards independent living desire, on the one hand, a distrust caused by children, in the long term, in their children's mind and in the shadow the inferiority and doubt their own ability, on the other hand, the children lack of self-care ability of life not only, and the lack of independent activities and the ability to solve the problem, everything is to rely on others, once encountered difficulties was at a loss, and thus more likely to suffer setbacks, failures, so a vicious circle, formation of inferiority mentality.

It is because of these parents always spoil, pamper and excessive intervention in the protection of children, arranged to replace and add to the children's dependent psychology, worries of clothing to hand, turned lazy, they will retreat, constrained the formation of children's self-confidence.


2. Too much expectation, too much denial

The famous psychologist A? Adler is pointed out that the high expectations of adults is also the important cause of infant self-abased psychology, some parents do not consider the child's interest, desire and actual ability level, blindly for young children to grow in their own design orbit, high expectations and requirements for young children, they always lay particular stress on intellectual education, one thousand party hundreds severs strictly to instill knowledge, teach literacy, arithmetic, practice the piano, overtime, holidays is not relaxed, plus the method is sim, rough, often blame kids stupid, resentment child lazy, and young children due to the limitation of the knowledge economy and various aspects ability, often difficult to meet the high requirements, this will make children have continued failure of frustration, "I can't" negative emotional experience accumulation, and often by self-doubt and then towards the inferiority. "Some parents always hope their children always stronger than others, wont transverse comparison, shortcomings and the advantages of the other children and their children, compared to negative, negative evaluation, this will make the child produces' themselves than others' feeling, doubt my ability, think you stupid brain, ability is poor, thus seriously affect the formation of the establishment of a positive self-image and confidence." 5.


3. Excessive indoctrination, young children lack the opportunity to explore

In terms of education children, parents and teachers often underestimate young children's learning ability, implanted in children too much, as a way of education has great limitations, on the one hand, the effectiveness of the performance in transmission of knowledge is poor, instill young children not only lack of hands-on practice of society and the lack of peo think, guess, and young children's thinking an intuitive action and specific iconicity. Does not pass through from thinking, operation and practice, it is impossible to own understanding, on the other hand, the young children unable to exercise and develop my ability, don't feel their abilities, experience the joy of success, is not conducive to the formation of self-confidence.


4. Parents' words

For children, parents in their minds occupies an extremely important status, parents' words, often an enormous impact on the child's psychological, parents often encourage children, full of confidence to them, children will be full of confidence to oneself, in the face of difficulties don't flinch, on the other hand, will let the child be disappointed, frustrated, lack of confidence to oneself, they will wince, even escape, which have ventilation difficult challenges. Now parents pay little attention to these, however, they are too care about the child's intellectual performance and academic achievements, some children don't live up to the expectations of parents, the parents of the hair can't hold their mouths, regardless of the child's self-esteem, no matter whether there is a stranger in, mouth is PiTouGaiNao big scold, or even the appearance of children being scolded, "eyes so small, just like your father!" "How can you be so stupid, a pig's head?" "If only my hair were as clever as your baby!" "And so on, not only did it fail to achieve the desired effect, but it also dampened the child's self-esteem. In the long run, it is not conducive to the growth of young children.


















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